Industry Specific Solutions

Experience Serving Your Industry

We live in a business world with limitless options, and the IT industry is no exception. Managed services providers, break-fix providers, various vendors, in-house teams, outsourced companies, etc.  So when you’re considering an IT provider, you look for differentiation – reasons why a company may fit you better than another. One reason is your industry.

IT needs can vary greatly depending on the industry, which is why you’ll want Endecom on your side. We are up-to-speed on the latest developments that impact your business.

Veterinary Practices

We are the vet business experts! Read on to see why…



Doctor and dentist offices, hospitals, retirement communities, hospices and walk-in clinics. No matter the facility, you all have one thing in common: taking good care of your clientele. We know your clients put themselves in your care. Let us do the same for you, so you can focus on them. Partner with a trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable IT company. Need to be HIPAA compliant? Want to go paperless? Need to spend more time with clients and less on your IT? Endecom can make a difference.


Financial Institutions

We know what it takes to keep a financial company successful. Keeping your critical client and company data protected and fortified, keeping your information linked and accessible from any device, and keeping your network up and running at all times. We make these tasks, as well as your business, our number one priority.



We can help everything run smoother and more efficient, and keep it that way! Find out how today.


Non-Profit Organizations

We can optimize your IT setup and keep it running and stable, all while saving you money and time. Let us help you meet your charitable goals!


Educational Institutions

Educating your younger or even adult students is a challenge that can be made that much easier and efficient with the right technology. Let us show you how we can meet and exceed your needs, so you can do the same for them.


Government Agencies & Projects

Partnering with a reliable IT company that has a proven track record of success is essential to the successful completion of your project(s).  Endecom has the experience and knowledge to help you reach your goals within budget and on time.  Let our team show you why businesses put their trust in us year after year.


Real Estate

You need to stay on the go and mobile, without having to worry about technical problems back at the office. Endecom can show you how.



Hotels, casinos, country clubs…your goals include keeping your guests happy and for overnights, checked in and out as quickly and easily as possible. Endecom understands and can make that a reality. Do you want to know what software and hardware solutions are out there that would increase staff productivity and help make your company’s growth a painless experience? Endecom can also help choose the best software and hardware solutions for you.


Professional Services

You need to partner with an IT company that has your back – one that is always looking to make your day-to-day operations more efficient, cost-effective, and stable. Don’t settle for a company that institutes a break/fix model and then is never available. Construction services, fitness clubs, oil companies, legal services, any service company or startup – we have helped multiple companies save money, increase productivity, and say goodbye to their IT issues. Partner with Endecom today.