Schools & Educational Institutions


At Endecom we realize some of the major issues facing educational institutions today are:

  • Schools are working on a very limited budget
  • Schools don’t have the time or money to deal with viruses or security breachings of their network
  • Schools need to be able to restrict inappropriate web browsing from their students
  • The limited busy staff and administrators don’t have time or resources to deal with IT issues in general

With technology being as sophisticated, and vulnerable, as ever, today’s K-12 public and private schools, tutor-based learning centers, trade schools and colleges need a fresh, budget-conscious IT company that’s experienced with and aware of a school’s goals and needs. The days of having the audio/visual teacher try to fix the vice principal’s computer are over; and it’s just not cost effective for today’s schools to hire a full time, on-premises tech professional tasked with the impossible role of being in charge of the entire network infrastructure of the building. Modern schools need a professional team that can offer modern solutions like website filtering so students don’t end up on inappropriate websites and strong virus protection so private information isn’t compromised. Just as important is the need to upgrade the network infrastructure so students can start effectively using innovative classroom software such as Google’s Chromebooks hardware or G Suite Software.

IT Services for Education

Connect with Endecom and we can discuss what solutions we offer including:

  • Reliability – a reliable, strategic IT partner who doesn’t just tell you what you need, but works together with you on a plan that’s budget conscious and efficient. We help guide you to make the right decisions when it comes to technology and developing a mutually-beneficial partnership that keeps your needs and limited budget in mind.
  • Fast Response – Support as soon as you need it. No more wrestling with technological issues or waiting around for assistance – we give you the support you need right away, and we offer 24/7 365 monitoring so that small issues don’t get out of hand and lead to much bigger ones, resulting in unproductive downtime.
  • Comprehensive Protection – A data and backup plan that works for your establishment. You won’t have to worry about hardware issues or a data breach crippling your school. Endecom strives for high productivity and low downtimes. We also restrict student access to inappropriate sites so that they’re never distracted or wasting valuable time. In today’s world, building protection is just as important as IT protection, and that’s why we also offer electronic key card security doors, mass emergency notification systems and video surveillance for individual rooms are well as for the entire grounds to address your security concerns.
  • Professionalism and Friendliness – Our friendly customer service oriented staff fits in well with any educational environment and we adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, in both dress, manner, and attitude. While working we make it a point to be in and out as soon as possible, and remain committed to being as quiet, unobtrusive and as quick as possible, so as not to disturb your staff or students.

IT Systems & Security Audit

Take advantage of a free IT systems and security audit today. We’ll review your existing systems to uncover ways to increase your productivity, decrease downtime, and save money. We’ll discuss your company and your goals, and suggest solutions that work best for your business, and your budget.

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