A new study by staffing firm Robert Half Technology showed workers lose the average equivalent of two weeks per year of productive work time dealing with technology issues, and managed IT services. That’s a total average of 80 hours per year per employee! A comprehensive managed service provider (MSP) model can help solve that problem. Endecom offers that exact model and would be happy to tell you about how we can implement it in your business, and what a difference it would make.

Endecom’s comprehensive managed IT service providers can successfully maintain and optimize your business in four core essential ways:


We offer a free network audit and going forward monitor and analyze your systems on a consistent basis using remote software. Using this model, we can help you make smarter, more educated decisions about your Network infrastructure going forward, and as your company grows, with our msp IT services. We’ll help you make informed decisions explained in easily understood terms and backed by solid data.

Perpetual Improvement

Consistent analyzing and improvement of your IT systems over time. We keep a watchful eye on your network infrastructure and make sure the best methods and procedures are in place, that the best software for you is implemented and the existing software is always up to date. This strategy ensures reliability which results in much less technical issues over time.


Issues resolved at a much faster rate. Proactive IT support results in faster response time, less downtime and as a result, more productivity out of your employees.


Potential problems identified before they manifest.  What’s better than fixing a problem quickly? Not having a problem in the first place. We monitor your network and proactively make adjustments before potential issues actually become problems and affect productivity.

There are many benefits of working with a managed IT company like Endecom:

  • Simplicity:  one reliable partner to manage your entire office infrastructure and communications
  • Coverage: a quick responding, full service IT team of experts who can support you and your staff anytime you need it
  • Flexibility: your choice of coverage level and services, all customized for you based on your budget and needs
  • Knowledge: an experienced company that takes the time to answer your questions, to understand and care about your business and its changing and growing needs
IT Support that is managed, monitored, and strategically driven

Here at Endecom we utilize the best available tools to manage your IT infrastructure and devices at the highest levels of reliability and performance. We deliver an advanced IT Service Management solution designed to meet your unique needs. We stay in contact with you about the status of your infrastructure via phone or email and can alert you the moment an issue arises.

Active monitoring and strategically driven improvements over time

You need dynamic, flexible solutions that can meet your needs even as they change. We adjust services based on how your business is scaling and make changes on the fly as your needs change. Endecom offers “smart” remote IT Monitoring and comprehensive managed IT services that support your computer systems and network infrastructures, and they are continually customized to fit your business needs, type and model. We adjust services based on how your business is scaling and make changes as your needs change.

24/7 remote “smart” monitoring software and proactive support

Unlike some IT companies, we do not simply offer a break/fix solution for you. We utilize our superior software tools that monitor and support your systems 24/7, and this is available at a cost-efficient, fixed monthly rate. We monitor your systems and use that information to execute an informed, proactive approach that includes implementing improvements over time as needed such as updates and patching management, security and event log monitoring and plans, and policy and procedure updates as your business needs change.

Avoid spending time and resources on training, expensive trouble ticket service management systems, and one-size-fits-all support costs. Our robust staff of expert engineers and technicians can remotely access and manage all of your workstations as needed. But when a site visit is warranted, we can quickly dispatch someone right over to help you.

Already have an existing IT staff or IT project manager that you’re happy with? Endecom can work with them to increase productivity and performance by and relieve the burden on them of needing to constantly focus on monitoring your systems and network. This will allow them to take a more proactive approach towards your company. Have an underqualified IT staff or no IT staff at all? You need an experienced B2B IT company that can help drive growth, increase bandwidth and keep your network up and running at all times.

Planning, strategy, and ongoing consultation

In order to align your business goals with your IT infrastructure, we have expert engineers who can meet with you and determine the best solutions for your business needs. We want to keep you one step ahead of the competition by leveraging the latest advances in technology and software to help you control costs, save time, plan for the future and address scalability.

Partner with Endecom and we can ensure the critical decisions you make today put you on the optimum path for your company’s success tomorrow.


IT Systems & Security Audit

Take advantage of a free IT systems and security audit today. We’ll review your existing systems to uncover ways to increase your productivity, decrease downtime, and save money. We’ll discuss your company and your goals, and suggest solutions that work best for your business, and your budget.

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