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The limited abilities and lack of customizable options associated with landline phones are becoming more and more apparent as newer, faster and more technically sophisticated VOIP phone services become available. Businesses today need communication service that includes flexible options, complete mobility and the ability to take on a large volume of calls at reasonable prices, with best voip provider.

Struggling with expensive equipment, complicated installation, and high costs is no longer a viable or necessary option when it comes to your business telephone network. Continuing to run a business using standard landline phone service will cut sharply into your budget, and as your company grows, the need for more equipment and the ability to take on more calls only increases. You don’t need to waste time or money dealing with an archaic system when there is a more updated system just as reliable, with more customizable options as you could ever imagine, all available at a much lower rate, with professional VOIP service providers.

Never heard of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)? The number of businesses making the switch to this superior technology is on the rise worldwide. Why has this become such an attractive option?

Lower costs: VOIP significantly lowers the rates of phone calls, both domestically and for international and long distance. Also, it limits the need for expensive hardware and equipment. The bottom line is, overall, the costs to you are significantly lower than they would be with landline service.

Customized Options: With VOIP service you can do virtually anything with your phone service, at no extra cost! Call waiting, call forwarding, and conference calls are just the beginning.

Mobility: Rearranging cubicles at the office? Moving to a new office? The great thing about a VOIP phone is that you can plug it into any internet connection, no matter where you are, and your phone number will remain the same, allowing you to send and receive calls right from that location. With the right software, you can also make and receive calls right from your computer or laptop, with no need for a phone at all!

One of the best providers of VOIP is 3CX, a company that we are proud to be partnered with, whose low-cost options and high-tech capabilities make them a solution that is a notch above the rest. Their hosted PBX is a reliable, secure and cost-effective option for any business.  If VOIP is not an option for you, we are happy to set you up with a landline solution using any equipment you chose, such as Avaya.

We’ve got a great solution for your business telephone needs and the expertise to effectively set it up.


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